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I first came across Geoff through a friend who was an experienced field trialler and A panel judge for trials who new my dog Paris and suggested I get Geoff to assess him. I went rather spasmodically with Paris but he impressed me with his thinking outside the box regarding the problems I had with Paris, Iโ€™d tried other trainers but their attitude to problems was you shouldnโ€™t have let him do that not a solution for a very novice handler!

When I got a puppy I lost almost 10/12months due to a personal injury but with this youngster when we eventually got to go training Geoffโ€™s honest and calm approach helped me to achieve something Iโ€™d wanted to do but never dreamt I would enter field trials. With his encouragement and a dog that he always said was honest allowed me to achieve awards in the few trials we entered. Sadly this became to an end when my still young dog died.

Geoff new what I needed although I had doubts but I do hope to start again thank you Geoff.
John Cottrell
I have been training with Geoff for a number of years and would like to thank him for his training and guidance which has been a key element of our success with our dogs, one of whom has just won a 1st in a Novice FT. Many thanks Geoff.
Penny Craig
I met Geoff a few years ago when he judged me and my young GWP bitch on a hunting test at a novice gundog working test and then bumped into him again a while after at another working test where he was watching the water test in which we were participating.
After a conversation with him about my specific training issues and frustrations all of which Geoff was confident he could help with, I booked a days training with him for myself, my husband, our friend and our three related GWPs.
A year later and following monthly visits to see him none of us have looked back with all three dogs achieving regular awards at working tests and training hard towards our final goal of trialling.
Geoff is down to earth and says it as it is but he is patient and determined to get the best from handler and dog and we can't thank him enough for all his help and guidance.

Michelle Ansell
As a first time HPR owner and handler, I have been trying to learn as much as I can, as I know I am the cause of many of my issues and have made some early mistakes, with my young Bracco.

I have been lucky to have some great advice and training along the way and one of these respected handlers and coaches put me in touch with Geoff.

Geoff has been able to take us to the next level with our training and it is because of his guidance and coaching that we were able to achieve a recent win in novice, as well as earlier novice awards. We still have a long way to go but Geoff is committed to the journey with us and comes up with ideas for the problems he sees in front of him, with both the dog and the handler.

I am also gaining in confidence and experience through Geoff's help as he brings his many years of field craft; game, shooting, gundog work, awards and experience to the fore.

Thanks to Geoff, we have realised a little bit of our potential, as I don't believe we would have achieved the win without his specific help and guidance.

Zsรณfia Miczek
Geoff is the most honest and straightforward person I have ever met in the HPR World. He is not just a great trainer with unconditional passion about the HPR breeds, especially the Wirehaired Vizsla, but thanks to his generosity, he allowed me to organize a training seminar on his training ground in Preston. We couldn't have wished for a better area to train dogs, not to mention the grouse moor experiences and grouse counting Geoff organized for us! He is a true friend and nice to see people in the same business who appreciate my success and help me instead of regard me as competition. Thank you Geoff!